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My saddle keeps sliding back when riding, what can I do?

You’ve tacked up as normal, placed your equipment in its usual position and double checked the placement of your Saddle, Pad and Girth on your horse.  However, no matter how well you tack up, your saddle still keeps sliding backward during riding.

Your saddle moving during use is not only annoying and uncomfortable, it can also be unsafe.  Safety for you and your horse should always be your no. 1 priority while riding.

Saddle fit and girth type are likely to be the main causes for your saddle sliding back when riding. It is more likely the saddle is too wide rather than too narrow for it to slide back. It is also possible that the position of your saddle naturally sits quite far back on your horse and your horse could have a barrel that causes the girth to slide back.

Girth type and position can have a huge effect on your saddle sliding backwards when riding.  There is a girth made by Mattes called the Athletico. This girth is designed for a horse with everything tapering towards the rear making the saddle slip backwards pulling the girth with it.  This girth comes in a long and short version.

The images below demonstrates the importance of a properly fitting girth in order to get the best from your saddle and horse.

The suitability, shape and size of your girth is of equal importance as the fit of your saddle in ensuring that your saddle stays in the correct position when riding and does not risk the safety of you or your horse.

If you are concerned about the fit of your saddle or girth we would be happy to give our advice through any of our Saddle Consulting Options.

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