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Saddle Fitting

Saddle fitting is an arduous and complicated task that requires excellent horsemanship, sound technical training, and extensive hands-on experience. Evaluation of the horse, rider, saddle, and the interaction of these three components is required to determine proper saddle fit. A thorough knowledge of human and equine anatomy and their biomechanics partnered with a strong background in saddle design and construction is a prerequisite to professional saddle fitting.

Despite the complexity of saddle fitting, most experienced riders can recognize clues to improper saddle fit. Depending upon the severity and time spent in a poorly fitting saddle, your horse may exhibit symptoms ranging from general resistance to debilitating lameness. We believe that your education and awareness can alleviate both your horse’s discomfort and your own frustration, as well as propel you and your horse to a higher level of riding enjoyment and peak performance.

There is no single “right” way to outfit your horse, but rather a spectrum of opinions and personal styles. Due to our years of research, training, and experience, we are confident in our professional philosophy and our ability to educate riders about saddle fit and selection. With sufficient instruction and guidance, you can make suitable saddlery decisions and maintain your saddles’ functionality for years.

We are happy to offer several opportunities for equestrians to attain a basic understanding of saddle fitting and the saddle selection process.

  • Our Consulting Fees page describes packages to suit a variety of groups and individuals. To book an on-site program, we require a non-refundable deposit 21 days in advance of the program. In addition to the program fee, the group is responsible for our saddle fitter’s traveling expenses (that is, airfare, hotel, transportation, and food). As an example, if you book the maximum of 16 horses over two days, each participant is responsible for $100.00 plus the cost of travel expenses divided by 16. We prefer that the host collect all payments from group members and write one check for the balance due at the end of the program.
  • Our Wither Tracing guide provides step by step instructions for producing a measurement of your horse’s withers, which serves as a gauge for determining saddle tree width. Our saddle fitter can consult with you by phone or E-mail to interpret your photographs and wither tracing. For more information, see Option III on the Consulting Fees page.
  • Lastly, our Frequently Asked Questions address common concerns regarding saddle fit and maintenance.

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