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Saddle Leasing

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Do any of the following situations apply to you?

  • You lease a horse and need a saddle that fits YOU as well as the horse, but you don’t want to buy a saddle until you have a horse of your own.
  • You need a saddle for your new young horse, but you don’t want to buy one while he is still growing and developing so rapidly.
  • You need a new saddle, but you don’t want to buy one because your riding future is uncertain – perhaps due to a possible change of mount, residence, job, or health issue.
  • Your daughter is crazy about riding and you want a saddle that fits her and her horse, but it’s too soon to tell if her interest will continue long-term
  • You found the perfect saddle that you want to buy, but you haven’t yet saved the amount required for a down payment.

PROBLEM SOLVED! Qualified applicants can lease a saddle for a year. Here’s how it works:

  • You select a new  saddle from a top manufacturer such as Albion, Amerigo, Black Country, Karl Neidersuss, and Prestige. If you’re not sure which make, model, and size will work for you, we recommend a saddle fitting consultation. For more information, click here.
  • We ship the saddle to you for a risk-free 2-day trial period.
  • You pay the cost of shipping to and from your location. Shipping charges vary according to the location and shipping service used.
  • Given you are completely satisfied with the fit and comfort of the saddle, your lease begins on the third day following delivery of the saddle.
  • With your approval and signed Lease Agreement, we charge your credit card the first monthly payment plus a lease fee.
  • We automatically charge the monthly payment to your credit card for the next 11 months.
  • You are responsible for the care and maintenance of the saddle during the lease period.
  • At the end of the lease, you can return or purchase the saddle.
  • If you return the saddle before the end of the lease, there is a penalty equal to two monthly payments.
  • If you return the saddle and there is damage beyond what is expected as normal wear and tear, you will be charged for the repair.


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This service is available only to individuals living within the Continental USA.

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