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Saddle Rental

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Are you experiencing any of the following problems?

  • Your horse’s saddle is in need of repair, but you can’t be “saddleless” for the time it takes to get the work done.
  • Your horse outgrew his saddle. You ordered a new one, but you need something that fits both of you for a few months until your new saddle arrives.
  • You think you found the saddle you want to buy for your horse, but it’s a really big decision and even a seven-day trial isn’t long enough for you to be sure.
  • Your horse is returning from an injury and he lost so much muscle that your current saddle doesn’t fit properly. You need a temporary replacement until he regains what he lost.

PROBLEM SOLVED! Rent a saddle for the short-term. Here’s how it works:

  • You select a saddle from our available inventory of models from top manufacturers such as Albion, Amerigo, Black Country, Karl Neidersuss, and Prestige. If you’re not sure which make, model, and size will work for you, we recommend a saddle fitting consultation. For more information, click here.
  • We ship the saddle to you for a risk-free 2-day trial period.
  • You pay the cost of shipping to and from your location. Shipping charges vary according to the location and shipping service used.
  • Given you are completely satisfied with the fit and comfort of the saddle, your month-to-month rental begins on the third day following delivery of the saddle.
  • With your approval and signed Rental Agreement, we automatically charge your credit card the monthly rental fee of $295.00* until we receive the saddle back.
* NOTE: The rental fee is based on short-term use of the saddle on a single horse. When the saddle is returned, we reserve the right to charge a $25.00 cleaning fee if the returned saddle is excessively dirty. If there is more wear and tear than would be normal for short-term use on a single horse, we reserve the right to assess an additional fee. Also, if you decide to purchase the saddle after the rental begins, please be aware that none of the rental fees will be applied to the purchase.

Saddle Accessories available for rental for an additional fee
Available only to individuals living within the Continental USA
One month minimum rental required
Florida residents subject to 7% sales tax

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