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Saddle Repair and Maintenance

All saddle repairs are performed by qualified saddlers who have been certified by a member of the Society of Master Saddlers and authorized by saddle manufacturers as necessary. Completed work is warranted for 1 year against defects in material and craftsmanship.

Please call us to discuss your saddle repair needs and expected turn-around time. We will assign a job number to your repair. DO NOT ship your saddle to us until you receive a job number.

When shipping your saddle to us, please print out, complete, and enclose the Saddle Repair Sheet.

Call us at (941) 377-2768 regarding any repairs not listed below for estimated costs. Or reach our on-site master saddler at

Replace 2 billets$67.50**
Replace 4 billets$135.00**
Replace 6 billets$125.00
Replace billet webbing$125.00
Replace/add point billets$135.00
Add calf blocks flap$225.00
Add leather guard to bottom of flaps$225.00
Add or replace knee blocks$275.00
Replace flaps using OEM materials$Call for price
Replace stirrup leather keepers$40.00
Repair one end of flap strap$35.00
Replace forepiece on close contact saddle$95.00
Replace knee pad$225.00
Adjust flaps to desired length (Not including sweat flap)$195.00
Adjust flaps to desired length (Including sweat flaps)$325.00
Replace hardware – nail heads, D-rings etc.$75.00
Re-attach or replace stirrup bars – per side$100.00
Evaluate condition of saddle$65.00
Deep clean and condition saddle$40.00
Add gussets to panel$350.00
Convert foam panel to wool$300.00
Rework gullet to provide additional width$150.00
Re-cover panel on jump saddle$350.00
Replace panels$550.00
Adjust wool to factory standard$135.00
Completely replace wool in panel$300.00
Saddle Tree 
Narrow or widen saddle tree$300.00
Assess tree for possible damage$65.00
Add felt to tree points to narrow tree$50.00
Add rear shims to tree$65.00
Replace broken rivets in head irons$225.00
Replace broken head irons$300.00
Replace broken spring bars on tree$300.00
Replace tree using OEM materials$Call for price
Replace seat foam$50.00
Reseat using OEM materials$Call for price
Reseat using Saddlewerks materials$895.00
Replace seat and skirts using Saddlewerks materials$1020.00

*Prices do not include the cost of shipping to and from our facility.

**Additional $35.00 if we need to drop the panel to access billet attachment

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