Albion Swiss Formula Leather Balm


Product Description

  • $33.95
  • Natural leather balm
  • Contains 500 ml
  • First used 200 years ago in the extreme cold and dampness then heat and dryness in the mountainous regions of Switzerland
  • Penetrates and protects leather
  • USE INSTRUCTIONS: Apply sparingly with a cloth or sponge as needed to clean, dry leather.

Leather, like your own skin, needs care, especially in cold weather. Before using your leather product for the first time, you must protect it. A full application of a leather conditioning product, such as the Albion Leather Balm, is advisable. Thereafter, if the leather is not cleaned and conditioned regularly, the life expectancy of the product is greatly reduced. This will contribute to color loss and premature aging of the stitching and the leather.

Sweat, excessive heat, sun damage, damp conditions and lack of maintenance are the most common causes of leather becoming dry, discolored, brittle or cracked. This greatly reduces the life of any leather product.  Carefully maintained leather will feel soft and supple for years to come.