PS of Sweden Browband Giant Swarovski



  • $109.00
  • Size: Full (42 cm*)
  • Color of Leather: Black
  • One row of large 8 mm Swarovski crystals
  • English, vegetable tanned leather
  • May be used on any bridle of standard size (32 mm / 1.25″)
  • Click It™ design allows you to change the browband in seconds without removing the bridle from the horse.
  • Special order options: This browband can be ordered in Cob and X-Full size with Black leather as well as in Cob, Full, and X-Full size with Brown leather. Please contact us for more information or to order the browband with these special order options.

*As all PS of Sweden browbands are handmade, the length may vary by a few millimeters.

Browband Care: Never counter-bend your browband! The crystals are delicate and may break if they are pushed against each other. The crystals are fastened with the help of metal “claws” that if opened up can cause crystals to fall out. When you clean your browband, routinely check the claws that hold the crystals in place.

Cleaning Instructions: You may clean the crystals with a damp cloth. Gently rub the crystals until they are clean, then polish with a dry cloth to make them shine. If the crystals have hard to remove dirt, use a toothbrush with a little dish detergent and gently scrub them, then wipe with a dry cloth.


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Cob, Full, X-Full


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