PS of Sweden Flying Change Bridle



  • $315.00
  • Sizes: Cob, Full, and X-Full
  • Color: Black and Brown
  • English, vegetable tanned leather
  • Flash strap and flash strap attachment loop can be removed, turning the noseband into a regular cavesson
  • NEW Magic Flash™ attachment loop allows you to remove the flash strap and the attachment loop completely – leaving no sign of either one. (See Note below).
  • Slim design of noseband allows for freedom around the cheek bones and nerve endings
  • Noseband strap has padded plate under the chin
  • Shape of the patent pending crownpiece reduces pressure behind the ears and top of the neck
  • Flat cheek pieces have patent pending elasticized “cradle” that allows the bit to suspend in the horse’s mouth
  • Click-it™ browband can be swapped in seconds without removing the bridle from the horse
  • Reins and bits sold separately

Note: To remove the flash strap and the Magic Flash attachment loop, first take off the flash strap, then push the Magic Flash attachment loop UPWARDS (DO NOT PULL IT DOWN).  Simply reverse these steps to reattach the loop and the flash strap.


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PS of Sweden




Cob, Full, X-Full


Black, Brown