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Back on Track Saddle Pad No 1

Back on Track Saddle Pad No 1


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  • $79.00
  • The new version of Back on Track’s therapeutic saddle pad which has more lift at the withers, utilizes your horse’s own body energy to increase blood circulation and keep the back muscles loose and relaxed
  • Styles: All Purpose or Dressage (*dressage shown in photo)
  • Colors: White or Black
  • Innovative design and ergonomic fit with a generous cut over the withers and spine
  • Padding is made of 600g cotton felt and 200g of Back on Track’s state-of-the-art Welltex® fabric, which helps regulate temperature while providing good breathability, shock absorption, and distribution of pressure
  • Small squares in the quilting allow the saddle pad to be a firm yet flexible base for the saddle

Welltex® contains a unique blend of natural minerals that are crushed into a fine powder and then, with the help of modern technology, fused into the threads of the base material of our fabrics. The minerals capture body heat and convert it into long-wave infrared energy, which is reflected back to the skin, joints and muscles. Infrared energy is known for its ability to increase blood circulation, which can help during recovery from injuries or tense muscles.

Click on this link to see Back on Track’s 3D animation video on the effect and benefit of their Welltex material.

Care: Machine washable up to 86°F or 30°C. Use normal detergents that do not contain bleach or fabric softeners. Air dry only; do not tumble dry.

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Back on Track


All Purpose, Dressage


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