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Mattes Saddle Fix System

Mattes Saddle Fix System


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  • $24.00
  • A clever innovation designed to attach the Mattes pad to the saddle
  • Pulls pad into gullet of the saddle, keeping the pad secure and perfectly straight at all times
  • Especially beneficial with the Mattes Correction Pad to ensure that corrective shims stay exactly in the location where they are needed
  • For illustration purposes, photos show the Saddle Fix System on a Mattes Half Pad.

Most Mattes pads are manufactured with billet keepers and two slits in the spine. If you elect to use the Saddle Fix System, it is recommended that you cut off the billet keepers. The Saddle Fix System runs along the underside of your pad and emerges throught the slits in the spine. The clips on either end gently grip your saddle. One clip attaches to the pommel of the saddle, the other clip attaches to the cantle – keeping the pad in without leaving marks on the saddle.

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