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Albion K2 Genesis Dressage Saddle


Product Description


  • $2500.00
  • This saddle was designed for riders looking for a high quality, modestly priced dressage saddle with comfort and feel.
  • Made in England
  • Seat Sizes: 17″, 17.5″, and 18″
  • Tree Sizes: NM, M, MW, and W
  • Color: Black
  • Features the patented Genesis interchangeable saddle tree (Changes must be done by a professional saddle fitter.)
  • Traditional full grain, 4 mm calf leather
  • Narrow, molded latex seat uses the material with which ski boots are lined to allow hours of work without excessive heat buildup
  • Narrower in the twist and deeper than the original K2 Dressage
  • Supportive knee rolls
  • Conventional wool flocked panels
  • V-billeting system with webbing that allows for alternate positioning

Albion maintains that leather may show minor color variation and surface defects because it is a natural material. These natural attributes should not be viewed as negative qualities, but as an assurance that you have received a genuine, full-grained product rather than a synthetic or artificially manufactured surface finish.

Albion acknowledges that leather is a perishable material and vulnerable to age, weather conditions, and sweat acids. Albion advises a full application of soap and leather balm before you ride in a new Albion saddle. After this, Albion recommends daily cleaning.

Albion guarantees their saddle tree for 5 years from the date of original purchase for breakage while subject to normal usage and conditions. Albion warrants all other parts of their saddle for two years against manufacturing errors or component defects.

Additional Information




K2 Genesis Dressage


17″, 17.5″, 18″

Tree Width

NM, M, MW, W