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GFS Transition GX Jump Saddle S704

GFS Transition GX Jump Saddle S704


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  • $2,350.00
  • Made in England
  • Seat Sizes: 17″, 17.5″, and 18″
  • Adjustable from N to XXWide (comes standard in Wide)
  • Color: Brown
  • Built on a polymer synthetic web strained tree
  • Double-stitched calfskin leather
  • Velcro front blocks for ideal leg position
  • Siliconized wool flocking
  • Gusseted panels with front gusset to enable fit adjustment
  • Short, straight billets
  • Regular 14″ dual flaps
  • X-Change Gullet System features a changeable gullet bar for easy adjustment as your horse grows  or changes shape
  • X-Change Girthing Option has multiple, removable girth straps for desired configuration offering optimal balance & stability
  • *This saddle can be special ordered in black upon request.

Please view the video link below for a tutorial on the X-Change Gullet System.
(123) How to Change Your Saddle’s Gullet with GFS | HorseandRider UK – YouTube

Care and Maintenance of your GFS saddle:
GFS recommends wiping with a damp cloth-sponge to remove dirt and debris that may otherwise scratch the surface of the leather and then clean with a glycerine saddle soap.
Cleaning should take place, once a week (dependent upon use) or after use in an environment where the riding surface is disturbed and rises onto your saddle.

GFS Warranty:
THE SADDLE TREE: GFS guarantees the saddle tree against repair and or breakage for 5 years.
This guarantee is subject to normal use and is not a guarantee against damage by accident or use not normally associated with horse riding.

OTHER PARTS – leather: GFS guarantees any leather parts, for repair-replacement if found to have faulty materials or components for a period of up to two years after the date of purchase.


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Transition GX

Seat Size

17", 17.5", 18"

Tree Width

XXW, N, M, MW, W, XW




Double Stitched Calfskin

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