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Albion K2 VSD Saddle

Albion K2 VSD Saddle


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  • Made in England
  • Seat Sizes: 17″, 17.5″, 18″
  • Tree Sizes:  M, MW, W, and XW
  • Color: Black and Dark Havana
  • Dressage biased, general purpose saddle
  • Built on the Adjusta-Tree™ saddle tree (An authorized Albion representative can adjust the tree’s width if your horse changes shape or you change horses.)
  • Moderately deep seat – slightly less deep than the K2 Dressage
  • Slightly straighter leg position than the K2 GP
  • Medium size, supportive knee roll
  • Wool flocked, gusseted panels
  • Long, V-shaped billets
  • An attractive option for those riders who are not in serious competition, but enjoy various equestrian activities and disciplines

Albion maintains that leather may show minor color variation and surface defects because it is a natural material. These natural attributes should not be viewed as negative qualities, but as an assurance that you have received a genuine, full-grained product rather than a synthetic or artificially manufactured surface finish.

Albion acknowledges that leather is a perishable material and vulnerable to age, weather conditions, and sweat acids. Albion advises a full application of Albion soap and leather balm before you ride in a new Albion saddle. After this, Albion highly recommends daily cleaning.

Albion guarantees their saddle tree for 5 years from the date of original purchase for breakage while subject to normal usage and conditions. Albion warrants all other parts of their saddle for two years against manufacturing errors or component defects.

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Seat Size

17", 17.5", 18"

Tree Width

M, MW, W, XW


Black, Dark Havana

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