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Trial Policy

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We offer a generous 7-day trial period for new and used saddles anywhere in the Continental U.S. The trial period begins the day you receive the saddle.

During the trial period, test ride the saddle as if it were your own in order to accurately assess its suitability to you and your horse. Note the following items:

  • You do NOT have to wrap your leathers in protective nylon or cotton.
  • Girth up the saddle, using a girth with stainless steel roller buckles.
  • Take a lesson, test ride, or hack out in the trial saddle with care but without hesitation or distraction.
  • We provide telephone and/or e-mail support to ensure your satisfaction with the fit and comfort of your trial saddle. We also encourage you to confer with your instructor, trainer, local saddler, and/or barn mates to assist you in the evaluation.

We expect reasonable signs of use to occur during your saddle trial period. However, you are liable for any damage done to equipment while it is in your possession. We strongly suggest that you inspect the saddle thoroughly upon receipt and contact us immediately if you find any damage.  Any damage that is not reported to us will be evaluated upon the equipment’s return and you will be billed for consequent repairs.


Following a favorable trial period, you have the option to purchase the trial saddle or, if the saddle is a new saddle, to place an order for a custom version of the same item. If you purchase a new saddle, we will send you a brand-specific saddle cover.

Returns – All Returns Must Be Authorized

If the trial saddle does not satisfy your needs, you must secure a Return Authorization Number from us at (941) 377-2768. You then ship the saddle to us via UPS ground, insured. IMPORTANT: You must provide us with the UPS tracking number by the 8th day*.

*Should you require additional time, thereby exceeding the 7-day trial period, a fee of $10 per day will be assessed and charged to your credit card accordingly.

Please follow these instructions when returning the trial saddle**:

  • If possible, use the packing materials and shipping box in which your saddle arrived.
  • Carefully place the saddle in the box, pad the pommel and cantle to protect them from damage, and use plastic, bubble wrap, or newspaper for filler. Please avoid the use of Styrofoam chips, “peanuts,” or shredded paper.
  • Fill out the Trial Saddle Return Form, which was enclosed with the trial saddle, and include it in the box with the saddle.
  • Clearly print your return address on the box.

**When using a professional mailing agency such as Pack ‘n Mail, The UPS Store, etc., please advise them of the above shipping instructions.


Prior to shipping the saddle for trial, we process your card for the full price of the saddle plus shipping (and tax if applicable). If you decide not to purchase the saddle, we credit your card for the full price of the saddle (and tax if applicable) as soon as we receive it back.

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