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My saddle keeps sliding back when riding, what can I do?

You've tacked up as normal, placed your equipment in its usual position and double checked the placement of your Saddle, Pad and Girth on your horse.  However, no matter how well you tack up, your saddle still keeps sliding backward during riding. Your saddle moving during use is not only annoying and uncomfortable, it can also be unsafe.  Safety for [...]

How Can I Stop My Saddle from Sliding Forward?

Today, we are tackling another important question that we are often asked - My Saddle Slides Forward When Riding, What Do You Suggest? We have listed below our most important points to keep a close look out for with regards to ensuring that your saddle does not slide forward while in use. Of course, this [...]

Our tips for keeping balance correct between saddle fittings

This is a question we have been asked multiple times, so we decided to put our best tips into a useful article - What should I look out for between saddle fittings to keep the saddle balance correct? There is not a single correct answer on how to keep a saddle balanced between saddle fittings [...]