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Ashley W., Niceville, FL

We have used Equestrian Imports two times for saddle adjustments. It has been a very easy and quick process with excellent returned work. Looking forward to the season!

Kim S., Arlington, VT

Ann and Chris are absolutely awesome to work with! My saddle fitter (Kitt) recommended I reach out to them. She had some recommendations for my horse. I was lucky enough to find that they had a saddle coming in that was a strong possibility for what we needed. The Albion K2 Jump arrived and was beautiful! Smitten and I love it! I can't say enough good things about how great Ann and Chris were! They were both so responsive and understanding with dealing with my questions. I worked at Trumbull Mountain with Edie for years and the experience and customer service Ann and Chris provided was exactly like we used to strive to provide. Even the saddle trial instructions were like what we used to send to customers. Kind of a walk down memory lane for me. 🙂

Katherine R., Tyron, NC

Thanks again for such an incredibly fast response. You guys are the absolute best. I have trusted you for great saddle fitting since...2004?

Mariam N., Maple, Ontario, Canada

Hi, Ann. I just wanted to let you know that our saddle fitting experience today with you was a great one. After seven saddles and years of delay in training, it was a great relief to have someone so attentive to the individual horse and her shape.

Kathy, WI5 Star Website Review

To close the loop, I wanted to let you know that I found a Black Country Venici hoop tree saddle that is a spectacular fit for my mare. You were right on the money. This was one of the saddles that you recommended. I want to thank you for your advice. You know what you are doing!!

Tracey, TX5 Star Website Review

What a great experience purchasing a Black Country Saddle for my wide mare from your website. She is happy, I am happy...life is good! Thank you very much.

Kathryne, VA5 Star Website Review

You guys did a great job describing the exact saddle (especially by having the specifications & saddle ID number out there in a searchable way) so I could locate exactly what I was looking for. I am the type buyer that does my homework beforehand & knows exactly what I need before I shop. Thanks for all your help!

Brit, Santa Monica, CA5 Star Website Review

I just wanted to write and thank you for selling my KN saddle so quickly and efficiently. I remember having an equally excellent experience when I purchased the saddle from you almost 3 years ago. I've been impressed with your professionalism.

Christina, Rocky Point, NC5 Star Website Review

Ann offered a level of personalized service that impressed me beyond measure. I will be not only a returning customer but will spread the word about her business to fellow equestrians.

Mary, FL5 Star Website Review

I am loving both saddles and my trainer is very pleased with where my leg is now and how much straighter I am sitting in the saddle. And Buddy is thrilled. No more jerking movements when I go to saddle him and his head is going down now in the canter and he is quickly learning he doesn't need to throw his head up in a transition. Thank you for all your help and patience as we worked to get the right fit.

Daphne Haagmans, Toronto, CanadaDaphne Haagmans, Toronto, Canada5 Star Website Review

A huge thank you to Ann and Equestrian Imports for their expert fitting of saddles for myself and my students!!! I have been working with Ann since 2008 and she has consistently supplied us with both new and excellent-quality used saddles. Her amazing wealth of knowledge about saddles of all brands and styles allowed the saddles to not only fit the exact specifications and needs of each individual horse, but also to fit into the budget of each rider.

Ann not only gets it right every time, but she also gets it right the first time! With Ann and her team at Equestrian Imports I am always confident that we have done the best possible for our horses with regard to saddle choice and fit and we can carry on with our training without questioning saddle issues. As an FEI trainer, I appreciate the importance of correct saddle fit for both horse and rider, and I have witnessed huge improvements in both horses and riders after consulting with Ann and following her advice on saddle options.

Thanks again to Ann and Equestrian Imports, We appreciate all you have done for us and our horses!!

Daphne Haagmans
Outline Hall Dressage Inc.
High Performance 1 Coach

Photo is of Daphne on Coolridge at the Ingrid Klimke Masterclass, October 2019. Photo credit: Karie Elizabeth Photogaphy

Shay, Eufaula, ALShay, Eufaula, AL5 Star Website Review

Ordered a used Adam Ellis saddle per recommendation of my saddle fitter. The service from Equestrian Imports has been excellent throughout the whole trial and purchasing experience. The staff is friendly and happy to answer questions as well as help to furnish the correct stirrups and leathers. The saddle came exactly as described, was well packaged, and shipped very fast! Would certainly recommend Equestrian Imports to a friend!

Eme, Palo Alto, CA5 Star Website Review

Thank you to Ann and Joan! I purchased both my K2 Jump and Dressage saddles from Equestrian Imports and they were very helpful and responsive from my initial inquiries, getting me a tial saddle, fitting and finally placing my customized orders.

Carole, Indianapolis, IN5 Star Website Review

I always appreciate how professional and reliable Equestrian Imports is to do business with.

Alison, CA5 Star Website Review

I received my custom Mattes pad yesterday and I am THRILLED with it! It's more amazing than I'd hoped. Thank you so much!!

Kelli, UT5 Star Website Review

Ann, I love my Prestige X-Breath saddle. Thanks so much for your support and help in the transaction!

Alisha, Fort Bragg, CA5 Star Website Review

Thank you so much for all your help. The Amerigo Alto is a perfect fit! [My mare] really goes well in it. One of the best feelings I've had in a dressage saddle on her ever! The Amerigo Cervia works absolutely perfect. Ginny is not an easy customer when it comes to dressage saddles, but she actually likes this one, not just tolerates it. I have been able to sit and ride and not feel her back get really tense, as is the case ... in literally every dressage saddle I've ridden her in. The Amerigo CC MF Event fits perfectly too. It certainly makes a huge difference in how my mare uses her shoulders over the fences. This picture is my mare and I in the Event saddle through an intermediate water combination. I'm so excited about how the saddles work for my horses!! we're all so much happier. I'm so grateful I found your company!

Leslie, MO5 Star Website Review

I can't tell you what a pleasure it has been to deal with you and with Equestrian Imports. You will definitely have my business in the future, and I will tell all my pals what great service you have provided. Thank you, again and again!

Carol, Stillwater, OK5 Star Website Review

Thank you! Your service has been excellent The leathers and stirrups are absolutely perfect. My saddle couldn't fit any better! It's like wearing it instead of sitting on it! I know it takes more than a good saddle to be a good rider but it sure does help! I'm so very happy with all of my purchases! Thanks for your help.

Stacy, Montana5 Star Website Review

I had spoken to Ann regarding the used Albion saddle I bought and inquired about trees and changing tree, etc. I live in Montana and SO appreciated her help over the phone. I had my saddle fitting yesterday [with a local fitter], and thankfully the 335 tree fit my horse well and was the proper tree for him right now. If there comes a time when he needs a narrower tree (he's 5, and withers haven't come up yet), I will definitely be sending the saddle to Ann to replace the tree. Please let her know how much I appreciated her time on the phone. Thank you!

Patty, Dripping Springs, TX5 Star Website Review

Love-Love-Love my saddle! For the first time in 15+ years of riding, I have a saddle that fits me. It is beautiful and light. Everything it was billed to be. Amazing, I had never really heard of Prestige before. Thankful as always!

Karen, Delray Beach, FL5 Star Website Review

Many thanks for selling my Luc Childeric saddle! This is the second successful sale. I will continue to recommend you both verbally to friends and on the various equine websites I belong to. Again, many thanks!

Ilana, Avon, CT5 Star Website Review

I just wanted to say how easy this process was for me. Your customer service and care for clients were spot-on. Thank you Ann and Joan for helping me find a great saddle.

Bonny, East Berne, NY5 Star Website Review

I've received my Macel Samba saddle and absolutely love it! I've ridden it 2x on each of my 3 horses! It is everything that it was promised to be! Thank you so much...It is a beautiful saddle that is awesome to ride in.

Karina, Venice, FL5 Star Website Review

I love, love, love the saddle. More importantly Gunner loves the saddle. He is moving so much better, even in the last few weeks my riding has improved and he has had no spooks. My time with you was so much fun, I cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding and generosity.

Sue, Euclid, OH5 Star Website Review

Thank u Ann for staying with us to find a solution for a difficult horse to fit. For once Forios back is not sore at all. So happy for him and love the saddle. Thanks for not giving up.

Mary, Colorado Springs, CO5 Star Website Review

My new Macel Samba saddle arrived Saturday and I've ridden in it twice! It's wonderful. Thanks again for being so helpful. You are a pleasure to work with!

Linda, Englewood, FL5 Star Website Review

Hi, Ann...just wanted to give you some feedback on the newly adjusted saddles. I rode both boys in lessons on Saturday,,,and...they were amazing!!!!! Destino really settled into the lifting of the back of the saddle and I had the best ride ever!!!!! Enzo, while still a bit sore, was relaxed but very responsive and did complete his flying change on the first ask!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for helping my boys...and me too.

Suzanne, New Smyrna Beach, FL5 Star Website Review

I can't thank you enough for coming out to Crooked Creek for us! The feedback from all concerned about Saddle Fit Day has been fantastic! I'm thrilled with the adjustments to my Amerigos. Thanks again! I can't wait to ride in my "new" saddle and new pad!

Debra, Spring Hill, FL5 Star Website Review

Thanks, Ann. I'll let you know when [the saddle] gets here. As I have been in the past, I am impressed with how you do business.

Ashley, Brownsville, VT5 Star Website Review

Hi Ann. Wanted to let you know that Hamlet and I completed our first two-day 50 mile ride this past weekend at GMHA and won blue with a score of 98.25 with no points off for back soreness!!!! The saddle and Skito pad worked perfectly for him. We had an awesome ride. Thanks so much for all your help getting us to this point.

Mimi, Sandia Park, NM5 Star Website Review

Equestrian Imports is the very best place to buy a saddle! Ann and Joan made my first saddle purchase easy, fast and pleasant. Unlike most dealers, when I broke my new saddle in the middle of show season, they really showed their expertise and integrity by going above and beyond to help me. Joan sent me a saddle to ride while Ann searched diligently until she found me a new duplicate saddle and got it to me super-fast. At the same time, she worked with the manufacturer to fix my broken saddle as quickly as possible. My total disaster was handled with calm competence and resolved without losing riding time! These ladies really know their saddles and are clearly totally committed to providing outstanding service. Thank you Ann and Joan!

Jessica, Winter Haven, FL5 Star Website Review

I just wanted to let you know that I rode in the saddle today for the first time and I absolutely love it. It allows me to be in a really secure two point and also keeps me much more balanced and upright when I want to sit. Dodger really liked it too. Thanks again for your time and expertise. I really appreciate your help.

John, Placida, FL5 Star Website Review

I just got back from Georgia and all was great! The saddle is terrific and Knightshade has healed completely. I can't thank you enough! Riding is so much more enjoyable with the saddle and I speak for Knightshade too!

Elizabeth, Greensboro, NC5 Star Website Review

My mare Sonder and I thank you for providing the most useful and effective piece of equestrian tack I have yet to own - the EQuest Grip Pad. I cannot believe the difference this pad makes. Both Sonder and I are so much more comfortable, her strides come much softer, my lower back is not stressed. I could go on and on...but I will stop here and just say once again...Thanks!

Jennifer, Cocoa Beach, FL5 Star Website Review

I just wanted to thank you for updating my Albion saddle. It is everything I hoped it would be. The seat looks fantastic and I'm enjoying riding in it again on my boy who's recovering nicely. Thank you so much for everything and when he's finished growing, I'll definitely be coming back to you to purchase my new saddle. Your completely satisfied customer,

Karen, Delray Beach, FL5 Star Website Review

I received my check for [my consigned] saddle. Many thanks to you and your team for a successful sale. I will certainly recommend you to any friends that are looking to sell a saddle.

Kirstin, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX5 Star Website Review

Thank you. You shipped the order the same day and I received it that week. It was exactly what I ordered. Your service is wonderful. Will order from you again.

Linda, Hockessin, DE5 Star Website Review

I wanted to tell you that the saddle arrived and it is perfect! Thank your for everything. I was shocked at how quickly it arrived. It was about 3-4 weeks early. I really thought Ann was easy to work with and very helpful. It was an easy transaction.

Lisa, Tampa, FL5 Star Website Review

Hi, Ann. Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying my new saddle!! Ricky is going really nicely, and I can't tell you how great it actually feels to fit in my saddle properly and be able to sit up straight for a change. Thank you for all of your help!!

Liz, Frankfort, IN5 Star Website Review

Wow!! I have been searching for saddle options online. The Chronicle of the Horse forum has been really insightful. Many different people from different places have highly recommended you and said you are the BEST!!! Glad to be working with you!!

Laurie, Hancock, NH5 Star Website Review

Thank you for the Solstice MF. It is an amazingly wonderful saddle. As it breaks in, I hardly know there's a saddle there. It is the most comfortable, best balanced saddle that I've ever ridden in - gives great support for the trails, provides super contact with the horse and plenty of freedom for my legs.

Megan, Ashford, CT5 Star Website Review

I LOVE my new saddle. Thank Ann for me for all of her help and honest advice. I will definitely recommend your shop to any students or friends who are saddle shopping and I will be in touch down the road if I ever need another saddle or need the tree adjusted on this one. Thanks so much!

Stephanie, Fishers, IN5 Star Website Review

A note of thanks to Ann for the extremely thorough and professional saddle fitting last Thursday at Come Again Farm. Both myself and my horse benefitted from Ann's expertise. Thank you for a great learning experience.

Kirsten, Los Alamos, NM5 Star Website Review

My deepest thanks and most sincere gratitude for Ann's extraordinary help for my very sore and very hard-to-fit horse. In brief, I had struggled to find a good saddle fit for Kalypso since I bought him in March. After consulting with chiro/vet/trainers/other saddle fitters, nothing was improving and he was getting more and more sore. I cannot thank Ann enough for her diligence, thoroughness and attention to detail. Her 1.5-hour inspection and recommendations made a huge difference in my gelding - and that was just at the fitting! Imagine how happy he'll be a few months from now!

Karen, Seattle, WA5 Star Website Review

I LOVE the saddle!! Thx so much

Connie, NM5 Star Website Review

Just wanted to send a THANK YOU for the wonderful repair/replacement you did on my Prestige saddle. It looks great and rides even better than before. My mare, Ruby Slippers, is not "complaining" about her "sore back" anymore with the new flocking. Many thanks. I will be certain to recommend your services to anyone who asks.

Leanne, Victoria, Australia5 Star Website Review

Just to let you know the saddle arrived today. It is in great condition and I can't wait to ride in it. Thanks once again for your excellent service and keeping me in the loop the whole time. I'll certainly be using you guys again.

Lauren, Niceville, FL5 Star Website Review

The saddle fits perfectly and I couldn't be any happier with it. Thank you for all your help, your customer service is outstanding! I sincerely appreciate how much you've bent over backwards to help me. I'll be sure to refer my friends and barn mates.

Jessica, Plant City, FL5 Star Website Review

I am sooo impressed with this saddle! Fits Casey amazingly well. No rocking/bridging and felt amazingly balanced. It did not fight my balance point and I found that I could two point with ease. So happy with this process. I have shown several people at my barn the lovely saddle soap and raved of your services. Looking forward to more of our experience with you.

Katie, Pittsford, NY5 Star Website Review

I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful saddle! It fits my mare and myself very well. We are both very excited to have it for events this spring. Thank you for making a normally painful process much easier.

Susan, Friendswood, TX5 Star Website Review

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the saddle! I have been riding in it for about 3 weeks now. This is the first saddle that I have ever had that fits ME well. I am shocked at how much more secure I feel - not to mention comfortable. Also I just had a massage lady look at Moose and she said his back was perfect! Many thanks.

Maura, Freeport, ME5 Star Website Review

I received the saddle yesterday and was able to ride in it last night and it is perfect. Thank you so much for all your help with finding the best saddle for my pony and with making sure the order was correct. I have passed along my stellar recommendation of you and your shop to my local saddle fitter and friends and will continue to do so in the future.

Barb, Oneonta, NY5 Star Website Review

I did a google search for Amerigo used saddles that is how I came across your website and I was impressed because your site offered detailed instructions and service for saddle fittings and assistance which no other company offers. I live in a Rural area... When I saw that you offered consultations on line, I thought it was worth the shot because there was no one in our area that could provide me with the service and saddles to try out and make various recommendations. So thank you!

Suzanne, New Smyrna Beach, FL5 Star Website Review

Thanks so much for all your help. Could NOT be happier with both my saddles AND my fabulous new horse! Had to ride in someone else's [saddle] the other day, with my horse, and it was so obvious that it did not fit her - both she and I were complaining about it during our lesson - and the next day put my Amerigo back on and we were both instantly harmonious again! Never knew saddles made such a big difference, but they do!

Ronnie, Bradenton, FL5 Star Website Review

Thank you so much!!!! We are so happy to finally know where to go to ensure our horses are happy with their saddles. You are amazing!!

Trish, Ft. Denaud, FL5 Star Website Review

Thanks, Ann. I so appreciate your patience, keen eye, and just making the saddle buying process fun. I am thrilled with the saddle.

Caroline, Riegelsville, PA5 Star Website Review

Wanted to send you a message to tell you about how amazing my new dressage saddle is! I'm always impressed with how comfortable the saddle is for both me and my horses! Even when I sat in it for the first time it didn't have the uncomfortable feeling most new saddles have! It puts me in a perfect position and helps me ride to my best potential!

Rachael, Columbus, IN5 Star Website Review

Joe's D1Dk is working out really well after the adjustment - he is going like a dream in it. Now he is comfortable working and his saddle is letting him move. I can feel the horse I had 6 months ago - doing awesome. If I suspect his saddle in the future regardless of where you are in the USA - I am bringing him to you to fix it!

Cheri and Shea, Parrish, FL5 Star Website Review

Lance and Shea are doing awesome with the new saddle. He is a new horse and they are making great strides. We will be back to see you in August. Have a great summer and thank you so much for everything. Don't ever move too far from here because we will never buy a saddle from anyone else.

Valerie, Penfield, NY5 Star Website Review

I LOVE the saddle and truly enjoy working with you and Ann. I certainly intend to do as much business with you and Ann as I can. Thank you.

Susan, San Antonio, TX5 Star Website Review

The saddle arrived and it is perfect - just like I wanted it! I also appreciate the fact that it was custom made and shipped from England in a relatively short amount of time. Customer support was also fantastic! Thanks a bunch.

Anna, Charlottesville, VA5 Star Website Review

I would like to keep the Passier [saddle]. Thank you for looking for a used one. And thank you so much for your help in finding a saddle that works for us. It has been delightful to work with you.

Holly B. Rochester, NY5 Star Website Review

I love your company and your new site is awesome! I am looking at your great selection of dressage saddles as I will be buying one from you soon! Thank you for providing such a thorough service for those of us that want to do right by our horse.

Kim R., Pinellas Park, FL5 Star Website Review

My husband, Harvey, and I have bought three saddles, girths, leathers, and two bridles from Equestrian Imports. Ann is simply the best saddle fitter we have ever found. She has a phenomenal selection and the ability to fit even the most complicated back (my Morgan Mare)! We have recommended Equestrian Imports to everyone who asks for our opinion. We wouldn't trust anyone else with our horses' backs!

Lori H., Bradenton, FL5 Star Website Review

Ann and the whole Equestrian Imports staff are amazing! Surely one of if not the best saddle fitter in the US!

Kathryn M., Cortland, NY5 Star Website Review

Great business. Ann fits saddles, any saddles, to keep the horses (and riders) comfortable and happy. Try it, you'll like it.

Wendy G., Lindenhurst, NY5 Star Website Review

Hello Ann. Thank you so much for all your help! It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will certainly keep you in mind for any future saddle needs - and won't hesitate to recommend

Melissa5 Star Website Review

I am quite happy with my Barnsby and will not hesitate to contact you for any saddles I may look for in the future. You will also be the first I would suggest to any friends who are considering a new saddle. You truly couldn't have been more helpful, friendly and professional. Thank you.

Pam M., Charlotte, NC5 Star Website Review

Mike was thrilled with the saddle fit and said it fits him as though it were custom made for his back. He didn't have to make any adjustments. Thank you once again for all your help through this whole process. You guys have been a joy to work with! If you have a small banner or sign, I will be happy to hang it on Kaylin's stalls at competitions, as well as give out your business cards. Thanks again!

Jolene T., Santa Fe, NM5 Star Website Review

Hi Ann. I had written to you about 2-3 weeks ago asking the length of the Dobert suede reins. You replied, gave me the length and also said that they were back ordered. Said I would order when I got back into town from a business trip. Well, I got back and developed a very bad bronchial infection and totally forgot about the reins. My husband (George) found the "book mark" for Equestrian Imports on my computer and ordered them for me as a get well present. I received them yesterday and rode with them today. They are absolutely the greatest. Showed them to a couple of my riding friends today at the stable and I am sure you will be seeing some orders for more suede reins from the Santa Fe and Lamy, NM area. Just wanted you to know how happy I am with them and so glad I found Equestrian Imports. You will be the first web site I go to when I need something else. Thanks.

Alice P., Rochester, NY5 Star Website Review

Ann & Staff: Thank you for selling my ‘Selecta’ saddle. It makes me happy to think of someone using it.

Kerri M., Bastrop, TX5 Star Website Review

Hi Ann. I wanted to let you know that I love the saddle and so does my horse. I rode today in a lesson so my trainer could see the saddle on my horse. Sweat marks look great and I have a happy guy. It is almost like the saddle was made for us. Thanks so much!

Cathy H., Indianapolis, IN5 Star Website Review

I will meet Anna Friday at the stables, and give her her new saddle... she's already posted on her Facebook page that she has a new saddle 🙂 Thank you for being so kind and flexible... I hope I can support Anna as she learns to trust her very lovely horse, now seated properly in a well-suited saddle! Again, thank you for what you do... it doesn't clean up oil in the Gulf, but you have two girls or OTTBs who are ready to ride with confidence! Kindest Regards,

Kath D., Western Australia5 Star Website Review

Hi there Ann. Thank you so much for all the effort and patience you had with supplying me with a fabulous saddle. I couldn’t be any luckier with the entire situation! I am just THRILLED! Thank you so much !!! It fits like it was specially made for the horse; the first ride we had in it was seamless as if I had the saddle for the last 10 years as it also fits me like a glove. I would like to thank you and your team and Equestrian Imports for being such a wonderful and professional company to liaise with. My initial reservations of dealing and purchasing such an expensive item internationally were completely dismissed after my dealings with you within the first few emails. I could not recommend you more highly enough to anyone else in Australia that is considering buying a saddle or equipment through you. I would be more than happy for you to post this on your website to put any other prospective buyer at ease. Thank you, thank you, thank you again and again.

Daphne H., King City, Ontario5 Star Website Review

It has been a real pleasure (and success!!) dealing with you and your saddles and fitting. Thanks for helping us and our horses!! I look forward to continuing to do business with you...

Alyssa D., Louisville, KY5 Star Website Review

I have referred several people to you guys because of my great experience. Thanks so much for your help thus far.

Sandy M., Sanibel, FL5 Star Website Review

Ann, I just wanted to send a quick note to (finally) say THANK YOU for the beautiful saddle repair work John did, and for your prompt service. The saddle looks absolutely perfect and I am thrilled! I never expected that both entire flaps were being replaced. Time to go ride in it now!

Kyle H., Oak Park, IL5 Star Website Review

Working with Ann and her staff has been wonderful. I knew that listing my saddle with her would get me the most exposure to equestrians that would be interested in a top tier saddle. I got a very good price and I'm very happy that I listed with Equestrian Imports.

Donna B., Rochester, NY5 Star Website Review

Ann is great! I have been working with her since I moved to B&B equestrian ctrs 2 years ago. Ann was just up and my horse was having issues with his saddle. All I kept thinking before she came is that I would have to get a new saddle again! Well after a bit of figuring things out, Horse is completely happy, I am happy and the fix was very simple. Ann is the best at saddle fitting and will bend over backwards to help you out. She is worth every penny for the consultation. A true professional with a great customer service attitude which is rare in the horse industry. Thank you!!

Nancy R., Rochester, NY5 Star Website Review

Ann Forrest is an incredibly knowledgeable saddle fitter. She takes the time to examine the horse without tack and then watches how you place the saddle to insure proper positioning. She then watches you ride, observing how the saddle moves on the horse's back, it's straightness and interferences that might be occurring. After making the necessary adjustments, she again watches the horse move under saddle. If she feels that it is still not correct, it's back to additional adjustments and a relook at the under saddle movement. As well as being thorough, Ann is pleasant and has great insight into how saddle, rider and horse work together.

Ann and Chris are absolutely awesome to work with! My saddle fitter (Kitt) recommended I reach out to them. She had some recommendations for my horse. I was lucky enough to find that they had a saddle coming in that was a strong possibility for what we needed. The Albion K2 Jump arrived and was beautiful! Smitten and I love it! I can’t say enough good things about how great Ann and Chris were! They were both so responsive and understanding with dealing with my questions. I worked at Trumbull Mountain with Edie for years and the experience and customer service Ann and Chris provided was exactly like we used to strive to provide. Even the saddle trial instructions were like what we used to send to customers. Kind of a walk down memory lane for me. 🙂

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