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Looking to Sell your Used Saddle?

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Are you interested in selling your used saddle?

We invite you to take advantage of our risk-free offer. Now you can sell your saddle from the comfort of your own home. Free yourself from the hassles of costly marketing, repeated shipping, and unsecured payments. Enjoy the benefits of our Consignment Service without disruption to your busy lifestyle. Let our dedicated sales professionals help you sell your used saddle effortlessly.

The following easy steps describe the process.

  1. You complete the Used Saddle Detail Sheet. Click here to submit your details.
  2. We review your details and contact you with instructions for sending the saddle to us. IMPORTANT: Do not send your saddle until you hear from us.
  3. You pack your saddle for shipping to us. Pad the pommel and cantle to protect them from damage. Use plastic, bubble wrap, or newspaper for filler. Avoid the use of Styrofoam chips, “peanuts,” or shredded paper.
  4. You ship your saddle (preferably via UPS) with a completed copy of the Used Saddle Detail Sheet and a check for $40.00 to cover the cost of preparing your saddle for resale and marketing it as described in step 8 below. (Note: we will not cash your check until we agree with you on a suggested resale price for your saddle.)
  5. You pay the cost of shipping your saddle to us (and returning it to you upon request). Shipping charges vary according to the locations and shipping service used.
  6. We inspect and evaluate your saddle, contact you to discuss a resale price and your entitlement amount, and prepare a Consigned Saddle Agreement for your signature.
  7. You return the signed form to us.
  8. Upon receipt of your signed form, our sales team actively pursues a buyer for your saddle as follows:
    • We post a description and multiple pictures of your saddle on our website.
    • We register your saddle with our Used Saddle Network, which includes other equestrian retailers throughout the country.
    • We advertise our used saddles in various equestrian publications, through on-line networking and sales channels, at shows and saddle fitting clinics.
  9. We ship your saddle to potential buyers and report to you all bona fide offers that are less than the agreed to resale price before negotiating a final sale.
  10. When your saddle is sold, we deduct our 25% commission and remit payment to you within 21 business days of the sale.

Send us your saddle details and we'll help you sell it!

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