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Representing Prestige Saddles at Equestrian Imports Since 1995

Equestrian Imports has been representing Prestige Italia saddles in the United Sates for more than 20 years. We have been a retailer for this Italian saddle manufacturer since the company first entered the market in the United States.

This is Ann Forrest of Equestrian Imports explaining the history of Equestrian Imports and Prestige products in the USA. We are equipped to find the perfect saddle to fit you and your horse. We offer in-person saddle fitting services as well as our very popular Online Saddle Consultation service.

In addition to our saddle sales and fitting services, we offer saddle repair services by John Helmich of Saddlewerks.

Nowadays, the name Prestige Italia immediately evokes images of innovative saddles; but that was not always the case. When this business was started in 1974 under the brand name Appaloosa, the most renowned saddle makers were from Germany. Italy had yet to establish a reputation in this arena. But thanks to the passion of the Stocchetti-Rasia family for the equestrian world, the rebranded Prestige Italia company challenged existing concepts and saddle making techniques. To this day Prestige Italia continues to introduce unique saddles that enhance the well-being of horse and rider.

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