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EQuest Dressage Grip Pad Formerly Barnsby Grip Pad

EQuest Dressage Grip Pad Formerly Barnsby Grip Pad



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  • $195.00
  • EQuest logo, this best-selling Dressage Grip Pad uses the same design, materials, and manufacturer that Barnsby previously used.
  • Non-slip material on top-side and underside of pad reduces saddle pressure and keeps saddle securely in place
  • Colors: Black, Brown, Navy, Silver, and White
  • Width: 26″ across widest part
  • Length: 22″ from center of spine to middle of bottom edge
  • Slim and completely breathable
  • Exceptional air flow and hypoallergenic lining
  • Reduces sweating under the saddle
  • Alleviates spine pressure and hair whorls
  • Sheepskin collar
  • 100% cotton quilt
  • Neoprene outer layer acts as a shock absorber to dissipate saddle pressure. Under Pliance pressure testing, the Grip Pad decreased saddle pressure up to 20%.
  • Neoprene mesh layer on the underside of the pad helps prevent the saddle from moving

Care: Hand or machine wash and air dry.

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Black, Brown, Navy, Silver, White

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