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ThinLine® Cotton Quilted Saddle Pad

ThinLine® Cotton Quilted Saddle Pad



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  • $159.00
  • The dual benefits of extraordinary shock absorption and rider motion reduction set ThinLine® saddle pads apart from other saddle pads
  • Styles: All Purpose or Dressage
  • Colors: Black or White
  • 3/16″ ThinLine material over a high-quality quilted cotton base pad eliminates the need to use multiple pads
  •  “Shimmable” for fine-tuning saddle fit (Shims sold separately)
  • Perfect for use on multiple horses, developing horses, or horses returning from injury

ThinLine® is an open-cell foam that moves shock, weight, and heat laterally across the pad to provide the following benefits:

  • Reduces pressure on the horse’s back due to the distribution of saddle and rider weight
  • Improves saddle and rider stability due to anti-slip defense
  • Keeps the horse’s muscles from overheating due to exceptional breathability and ventilation
  • Molds to a custom fit due to texture and suppleness
  • Protects against skin disease and irritation due to active anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents


Care Instructions: The manufacturer recommends machine washing in cold water in a front loading washer. Turn the ThinLine material to the inside. Spin to remove excess water. Or you may hand wash. Hang to dry naturally with no heat source, including sun. Using a fan speeds the drying process. If you have a white pad, you may use bleach products such as soft scrub on the ThinLine material as well as using a little bleach in the wash cycle.

The Thinline Cotton Quilted Saddle Pad comes with a one-year full replacement warranty when following the manufacturer’s care instructions.

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All Purpose, Dressage


Black, White

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