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Amerigo High Croup Jump Pinerolo Saddle

Amerigo High Croup Jump Pinerolo Saddle


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  • $6,100.00
  • Made in Italy
  • Seat Sizes: 16.5″, 17″, 17.5″, and 18″
  • Tree Sizes: N, M, MW, and W
  • Colors: Brown
  • Built on French birchwood spring tree
  • Soft, supple Pinerolo calfskin leather
  • Anatomically shaped kneerolls
  • Independent, non-gusseted panels* stuffed with a mix of synthetic fibers**
  • Four short billets
  • Designed by Peter Menet
  • Tree design best suited for horses with high croups that tend to tip the saddle forward when in movement
  • Special order options: This saddle may be ordered with printed cowhide (rather than Pinerolo calfskin) leather for $5,450.00. As with all Amerigo saddles, the High Croup Jump saddle may be ordered with custom options for flaps, tree width, color, panel density, and more. Please contact us for more information.


* “Independent, non-gusseted panels are made up of 2 individual parts, which are not attached to one another. There are no gussets, and the panels are not stitched onto the saddle as with other panel types. When in use, they contour perfectly to the shape of the horse as the form is not restricted by the use of gussets or stitching.” Peter Menet, Saddle Designer

** “The stuffing material used inside the panels is a mix of synthetic fibers. Unlike wool, this mixture does not concentrate into lumps, so that there is no pressure on the horse, and the shape is kept more precisely. An independent, stuffed panel system becomes better with use. There is no need to have the saddles re-stuffed as a matter of routine. The panels can be altered along their complete length to ensure continuing good fit should the horse change in shape.” Peter Menet, Saddle Designer

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High Croup Jump Pinerolo

Seat Size

16.5", 17", 17.5", 18"

Tree Width

N, M, MW, W



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