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Prestige X-Advanced K Monoflap Jump Saddle

Prestige X-Advanced K Monoflap Jump Saddle


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    • $5,800.00
    • The X-Advanced K saddle, which was specifically designed for Cross County, is on the cutting edge in innovation for eventing.
    • This monoflap saddle offers the rider comfort and freedom of movement throughout the entire time they are jumping.
    • Recommended for horses with normal or small withers
    • Made in Italy
    • *Seat Sizes: 16″, 17″, and 18″
    • *Tree Sizes: 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, and 37 cm
    • *Colors: Black and Tobacco
    • Medium deep seat with a narrow twist
    • Calfskin leather
    • The X-technology saddle tree has two enlarged elastic membranes filled with special shock-absorbing memory foam material in the area where the rider’s ischium comes in contact with the saddle to help cushion impacts and enhance comfort for the rider.
    • Anatomically shaped exterior front and rear blocks ensure stability and safety.
    • X-technology panels have a layer of highly-elastic honeycomb material and a layer of soft rubber as well as synthetic wool flocking, which provides maximum shock absorption and resiliency while allowing comfort and stability for the horse’s back.
    • Anatomical shape of the panels provides maximum freedom of movement for the trapezius muscles
    • Special order options:  This saddle can be ordered with seat sizes, tree widths, and colors other than those listed above, as well as with various flap lengths and projections and customized trim color options. For more information or to order a saddle with special order options, please contact us at 941-377-2768 or [email protected].

    *Please note that our saddle stock changes frequently. All combinations of the product options listed above may not be available currently for trial or purchase. If you are interested in this saddle, please call us at 941-377-2768.

    Care and Maintenance of Your Prestige Saddle

    Saddle maintenance can be affected by the climate conditions, the season, and the place where the saddle is stored. Saddles used outdoors are vulnerable to the effects of the sun and rain. Water hardens leather. Heat dries it. In both cases, saddles need re-hydration. Prestige recommends that you use the Prestige leather care products regularly to care for your saddle. A well hydrated saddle lasts longer.

    To maintain the leather softness and to prevent color fading, Prestige recommends that you clean the saddle with Prestige Leather Cleaner after every use. This product helps to neutralize the corrosive effect of the horse’s sweat. At least once a month or any time that the saddle has been in contact with water, apply Prestige Leather Balsam to the clean, dry saddle and let the leather absorb it. Do not use excessive balsam on the girth straps, to prevent damage or dangerous breakage.

    Remember never to place the girth directly on the saddle surface, to prevent horse sweat from coming directly into contact with and damaging the leather.

    Prestige Warranty

    Prestige studies each saddle tree for stress and resiliency and offers a lifetime warranty against breakage not due to accident. Leather and workmanship are covered by a 2-year warranty, under normal conditions of use. The warranty does not cover parts subject to wear and tear or problems resulting from accidents, improper use, or use of products not suitable for the type of leather.

    Prestige recommends that you have the girth straps checked periodically and, if necessary, replaced. Prestige declines any responsibility if the girth straps break or are worn out.

Additional information




X-Advanced K

Seat Size

16", 17", 18"

Seat Depth

Moderately Deep

Tree Width

32cm, 33cm, 34cm, 35cm, 36cm, 37cm

Tree Type

Synthetic, X-Technology


Black, Tobacco




Exterior, Front and Rear, Large

Billet Length


Billet Type




Panel Material

Synthetic Wool

Flap Style


Flap Length

13", Standard



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