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Caring for your PS of Sweden Products

Leather products

It is of great importance that you take proper care of your leather for it to be durable and beautiful over time.

Please keep in mind that light leather will get darker from the use of oils and balms.

Recommended care for you leather products:

  • Apply oil or balm before you use it for the first time. Repeated oiling is of benefit!
  • Every leather product is unique, which means that some items might need repeated oiling or conditioning before first use.
  • Clean the leather using leather soap after each use.
  • Apply oil or balm when necessary (on dry leather).


The crystals are easily cleaned with a damp cloth; gently rub all the crystals until they are clean, then polish with a dry cloth to make them shine.

If the crystals have large or other hard-to-remove dirt, take a toothbrush with a little dish detergent and gently scrub the crystals until clean, then wipe with a dry cloth.

The crystals are fastened with the help of metal “claws” that if opened up can cause crystals to fall out.

When you clean your bridle, routinely check the claws that hold all the crystals in place.

Never counter-bend your browband! The crystals are delicate and may break if they are pushed against each other.

The beads are made by Swarowski. If you take proper care of your browband and treat it with care, it will stay beautiful for a long time. Keep the beads as clean as possible. Usually the beads are easily cleaned with a soft fabric cloth. If the beads need cleaning you can rinse them carefully with lukewarm water and some dishwashing detergent. Rinse and dry them quickly to avoid water stains. All our pearls have a coating. The coating may be worn off if the pearls are subjected to rubbing or rough wear and tear. Handle your browband with care. Don’t counter-bend your browband. If the pearls are pushed against each other they may be damaged, and the wire might break.


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