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Whats Makes Mattes Saddle Pads Different

Longtime leader in innovative sheepskin saddle pads, E.A. Mattes has united the highest quality sheepskin with technical features that are unparalleled.

Designed for the utmost in comfort for the horse, Mattes boasts the most useful Correction System available- tested, tried and true.  In addition to pads that are problem solvers, Mattes has added a line of girths that have thoughtfully addressed a number of conformation issues that affect saddle fit.  Add to this an array of custom colors, ear bonnets and other items, Mattes products are a must!

Quality – E.A. Mattes Sheepskin Pads are made with only the finest quality sheepskin and a one-at-a-time mentality that ensures product quality. Pads are handmade from start to finish with attention to detail that is unparalleled. Each hide is thoroughly inspected, hand picked for quality, and made with full hides to ensure no seams contact the horse’s back.

Design – The anatomically correct topline design of Mattes Sheepskin Pads follows the contours of the horse’s back and allows for a perfect fit under the saddle. The patented SPINE FREE® Design ensures the spine is not in contact with any seams, fabric, or tension which eliminates the risk of rubs and pressure on the sensitive area of the back around the spine.

Function – Sheepskin has long been known for its amazing natural properties including heat dissemination, breathability, and the ability to eliminate friction and bounce. This cannot be imitated by wool pile, artificial fiber product, or foam

Correction – The Mattes CORRECTION®-SYSTEM was recently rated the #1 therapeutic pad on the equine market by the Horse Journal. The Mattes CORRECTION®-SYSTEM helps maintain balance and straightness for horses that change form through a season or have asymmetries. POLY-FLEX® Shims are resilient, do not bottom out like foam or other materials, and allow incremental adjustments to be made easily. The shims are 5mm thick, designed to be layered, and are easily trimmed with scissors to taper the ends and create a pressure free fit if multiple shims are necessary.

Care Instructions – Wash with MELP, a detergent that includes regreasing properties to keep sheepskin in top condition. Regular detergents can dry the sheepskin and lessen the quality of the pad. Hand or machine wash in cold water on the gentle setting. Gently pull into shape. Lay flat to dry. Do not expose to sun or dry with heat.

* In order to maintain your satisfaction guarantee warranty for Mattes products, MELP must be used when washing

Peter Mattes understands the importance of selecting the proper type of sheepskin for the application. He has perfected an amazing line of saddle pads using this knowledge. The right sheepskin has wool fiber that is dense enough to carry the weight of the saddle and rider without matting down, and long enough fibers to allow the wool to move with the horse’s back, thus eliminating friction. This deep understanding of the characteristics of the materials combines with expertise of equine anatomy that results in saddle pads that are shaped and contoured to the horse’s back. Other intelligent design features are the anatomically correct designed topline, the Spine-Free® channel through the topline and the use of a single hide so no seams come into contact anywhere on the horse’s back. These combined features prevent rubs, sore spots, or pressure. No other sheepskin saddle pad measures up to a Mattes. Remember, a poor saddle pad can ruin a good saddle fit.

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