Total Saddle Fit Neoprene Liner for StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth


Product Description

  • 7mm padded neoprene liner for the StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth
  • Attaches securely by Velcro to the leather body of the girth
  • Uniquely stretchable to compliment the stretching benefits of the girth
  • Texture of the material helps keep the saddle in place
  • Can be interchanged easily with the leather liner for cleaning, showing, or any other reason you might want to swap them
  • Available in black in size 18″ to 34″

Additional Information


18″ Black, 20″ Black, 22″ Black, 24″ Black, 26″ Black, 28″ Black, 30″ Black, 32″ Black, 34″ Black